Happiness 5 a day
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Leading Wellness expert and 'facilitator of happiness' Gemma Bennett heads up a new upbeat podcast, giving you 5minutes of practical insight on how you can cultivate happiness in your everyday! Sharing tried and tested tips, tools, advice and thoughts based on her own professional therapeutic expertise, working to combat depression, anxiety, stress and emotional trauma and bring about empowerment and happiness globally.

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    Be You, Be Proud

    In this short burst, Gemma explains how being yourself, truly and wholeheartedly can make you extremely happy!

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    It's none of our business anyway

    In a short burst, Gemma talks about improving our happiness by being aware that so much that goes on that makes us irate I s actually none of our business and offers a way to help you find peace instead.

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    Choose Kindness over Judgement

    In a 5 minute burst, Gemma shares an insightful piece of writing she found, relating to judgement over social media posts and expands this message to inspire folk to chose kindness over judgement.

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    Spring is here!!!

    In this short 5 minutes burst, Gemma talks about how the beginning of spring brings the opportunity for new beginnings and emotional sprig cleaning.

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    The Art Of Loving Yourself

    In a short burst, Gemma gives insight into the complex journey of truly loving yourself to achieve happiness, and offers a place to start..

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    The Key to happiness is....

    In a short burst, Gemma discusses her ultimate key to lasting happiness. Admission! I haven't recorded a new podcast this week so I've picked the no1 rated episode from my previous recordings and re release it, enjoy!

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    Be humble! your way is not the only way.

    In a short 5 minute burst, Gemma gives advice on how to help our own happiness, by being humble and being careful about how we perceive the advice we give and receive.

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    Your amazing body!!

    In this short burst, Gemma aims to turn the way we look at our body image on its head to empower a happier healthier you.

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